This year, a Hybrid Future Challenge was part of the Eindhoven Maker Faire again. With “the new reality” as a theme and two prizes to be awarded. One for the most innovative maker (Best Maker), and one for the most innovative product (Best Innovation). The winners received a unique Makey trophy and a cash prize of €500, made possible by Rabobank Eindhoven.

And the winners of the Hybrid Future Challenge 2021 are…

Best Maker 2021 – UITSLOOT (Gijs Schalkx)

Artist, inventor, DIY activist & indie engineer Gijs Schalkx searches for real alternatives in a world where even the most benevolent individual cannot escape consuming. With his project UITSLOOT he celebrates the power of doing things yourself and the independence it brings. The ‘Slootmotor’ (loosely translated as ‘Ditch Engine’) runs on fuel from your local ditch or neighborhood pond and is harvested with minimal resources and tools. Driving has never been so rewarding!

Award ceremony Gijs Schalkx

Click here to visit Gijs Schalkx’s website.

Best Innovation 2021 – Greenscreenbox (Petra Mestrom)

With Petra Mestrom’s Greenscreenbox, anyone can make their own greenscreen video. On every imaginable location can be filmed. Do you want to film under water, in space or in the desert? The choice is yours! During the Eindhoven Maker Faire visitors were able to make their own video. Afterwards, they received their video by email.

Award ceremony Petra Mestrom

Click here to visit the Greenscreenbox website.