Crazy vehicles during the Eindhoven Maker Faire

The Eindhoven Crazy Parade is a festive procession of homemade crazy vehicles. The parade starts and ends at the Klokgebouw on Strijp-S. It is part of the Eindhoven Maker Faire and will take place on both days of the faire: 28th and 29th September 2019. Make sure to check it out or even better… join the parade with your own crazy vehicle! The exact route and time will be announced shortly.

Join in!

Everyone can participate in this special parade: artists, architects, designers, makers, but also groups of friends, neighborhood communities, companies, hobby clubs and schools. You can join with your own vehicle or build one with a group. Let your imagination run free and make a wonder vehicle! From car to wagon, from bicycle to go kart; everything on wheels can be converted into a crazy vehicle. Technical challenges can be highlighted in terms of how the vehicle is controlled, moved or constructed. The vehicle can also be amazing in terms of sustainability, artisticity or by adding wild decorative designs.

Make your crazy vehicle or build one with others!

Do you have a special vehicle or installation on wheels? Participation is free. For more information or to register contact us via


We will get in touch with you about restrictions for the vehicles. Please keep in mind that public roads need to stay accessible. Also pay attention to dimensions, sticking-out elements, general safety measures, hazardous substances and fire.