Crazy vehicles during the Eindhoven Maker FaireĀ 

The Eindhoven Crazy Parade is an artistic expression of creative technology in the broadest sense of the word. An extravaganza of imaginative, expressive, interactive and entertaining creations!

During the Maker Faire, this parade will periodically do a little tour through the city center of Eindhoven. Come and see!

Route Crazy Parade

Route Crazy Parade

The Eindhoven Crazy Parade is an astonishing procession of wacky and artistic objects from the wider area. The parade takes place in the city center of Eindhoven, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.


Call for Participation in the Parade:

Participants in the Parade are often Makers who are already participating in the Maker Faire. However, we would like to give everyone with a fantastic object, costume, vehicle, or mobile craft the opportunity to join!


Do you happen to have a steampunk bicycle, a robot vehicle, a cosplay costume, a creative soapbox, or a pedal car, for example? Or are you (not) coincidentally planning to create something like that this summer? Then we’re looking for you! The craziest creations and constructions are what we enjoy the most!


If you have a proposal, you can sign up for the Crazy Parade using this form. A fee is available for professional participants, but everyone does it primarily for the fun of participating!

If you have any questions, please email them to



Schools can participate, for instance, by organizing a Maker workshop and creating their own Parade object! Read more about the offerings for schools here.