Who will win Best Product or Best Maker?

We know that the Eindhoven Maker Faire, on Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24, is a gathering of the coolest creations, the most remarkable inventions, the wildest technical gadgets. It’s the place where the world of tomorrow is conceived and created. Therefore, it’s also the ideal location to present the Innovation Awards.

There are two awards in particular: the GBO Innovation Award for Best Product and the Rabobank Innovation Award for Best Maker. This challenge consists of a selection of innovative and creative makers who are emerging as promising startups in the new world of tomorrow. It’s an international showcase of the creators of the hybrid world of tomorrow, with a professional jury awarding prizes to the most innovative and promising makers and products.


The jury consists of:

  • Jaques Gramser, Director of GBO Helmond
  • RenĂ© Kivits, Director Verzekeren Rabobank
  • Bert Jan Woertman, Director of Microcentrum
  • Ella Hueting, Fontys Hogescholen

The Innovation Awards for Best Product and Best Maker will be presented on Saturday, September 23, 2023. The jury will assess the 11 nominees that same morning. After the jury deliberation, the award ceremony will take place at 12:00 pm in the Town Hall on the stage!

Foto: Max Kneefel