At the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2020, the “new reality” is a theme that is connected to the makers and the public. The maker is no longer primarily a pioneer in technology and material development and construction, but today the digital world is entering the maker’s world at an accelerated pace.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have sought massive access to online means of communication and methods. This has accelerated the development of applications, platforms and tools that can be used for this. We work at home, study at home, watch films at home and develop habits that are given a place half in the physical world and half in the digital world.


Many designers, technicians and creatives have invented and implemented ideas and concepts to respond to current needs and opportunities. Not least important are the many initiatives to tackle the scarcity of tools by manufacturing face masks, face masks and other tools in makerspaces, workshops and workshops.


In addition, there is an accelerated development of new digital and hybrid products, services and knowledge. Applications that we sometimes already knew are now being reinvented and applied in new circumstances, but completely new concepts and products are also emerging from garages, attic rooms, laboratories and maker spaces.


We offer digital makers and hybrid pioneers the opportunity to present themselves at the Eindhoven Maker Faire, to speak to the public and other makers, to inspire and to learn. In addition to the physical presentations, there is an online Makers in Beeld platform on which the projects are presented.


Hybrid Future Challenge

The Hybrid Future Challenge is available especially for the new makers and products, as a special at the Eindhoven Maker Faire. This challenge consists of a selection of innovative and creative makers who are developing as a startup in the new world of 2020 and beyond.


It is an international showcase of the makers of the hybrid world of tomorrow, with a professional jury awarding prizes to the most innovative and promising makers and products. The prize is new and will be awarded for the first time in 2020.


There are two cash prizes: the Hybrid Future Maker 2020 and the Hybrid Future Product 2020. In addition, special prizes are under development, and there are two follow-up prizes consisting of a package of materials and free advice and training sessions. The winners will be announced on a live stream from the venue on day one of the Eindhoven Maker Faire.


  • Applications for participation in the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2020 can be made via the Call for Makers.
  • More information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to


The Hybrid Future Challenge is sponsored by Rabobank.