Hybrid Future Challenge

At the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2021, the “new reality” was a theme that was connected with the makers and the public. The Maker is not only pioneering technology, materials – analog and digital –, development and construction. But the hybrid world has also become a challenge for innovative makers.


Working from home and online education have given us mass access to digital communication tools and methods. This has greatly accelerated the development of applications, platforms and tools that can be used for this purpose. We work at home, study at home, watch movies at home, and develop habits that find a place half in the physical world and half in the digital world.


Many designers, technicians and creatives have come up with and implemented ideas and concepts to respond to current needs and opportunities. There is a disruptive development of new digital and hybrid products, services and knowledge. Applications that we sometimes already knew are now being reinvented and applied in new circumstances, but also completely new concepts and products are emerging from garages, attics, laboratories and makerspaces.


We offer digital makers and hybrid pioneers the platform to present themselves at the Eindhoven Maker Faire, to speak with the public and other makers, to inspire and to learn. It is an international showcase of the creators of tomorrow’s hybrid world, where a professional jury awards prizes to the most innovative and promising creators and products.


The prize was awarded for the first time in 2020. There were two cash prizes of €500 each (made possible by Rabobank Eindhoven): the Best Maker 2021 and the Best Innovation 2021.


In addition, the winners received a unique trophy in the form of a Makey (3D printed by Lay3rs). The winners were announced by the jury at the Eindhoven Maker Faire.


The jury consisted of:

  • Nathalie Kerstens (TU/e Innovation Space)
  • Bert-Jan Woertman (Mikrocentrum)
  • Bart Brouwers (Innovation Origins)
  • Michel Ziekman (Rabobank)


The nominees for the Hybrid Future Challenge 2021 were:


1 Biomimetic Soundsystem

2 Coding Art: Sensors, Motors, and Touching Code

3 Ergonomic input devices

4 Full colour 3D printing

5 Greenscreenbox  WINNER – BEST INNOVATION

6 Magic Mirror Fashion

7 Office in Motion

8 Relaxing Plush Toy for Future Generations

9 Stemmendoos