MAD emergent art center & MU Hybrid Art House present: Workshop Creative Coding by Luis Ferreira. (English workshop).

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Technology is an essential part of human life, and increasingly important tool for human creativity. Analog artistic tools like brushes or pencils will never be outdated, but in the last 15 years a new digital artistic movement has been developing, referred to as Creative Coding.

This workshop introduces this new branch of art, shows examples of popular techniques, and provides links to creative coding tools and tutorials.

Luis Ferreira will also breakdown one of his recent projects, LivingLab Stratumseind a generative-design tool, to show how to translate from idea to code.

No technical knowledge or equipment are necessary, just watch, get inspired, take notes and find more at your own pace.

This workshop will be given in MU Hybrid Art House. The ticket is valid for:

* Presentation by Luis Ferreira: The possibilities of Creative Coding

* Demonstration Luis Ferreira: Creative Coding Projects

* Visit the newest MU expo: The Self Design Academy