Eindhoven, September 23, 2023  

The Eindhoven Maker Faire, a celebration of creativity and innovation in knowledge, technology, and material development, proudly announced the winners of the Innovation Awards 2023 this afternoon during a public ceremony at the Eindhoven City Hall. The Best Product 2023 award was presented to Limosjiene, the unique lemonade mixing machine by Jan Enning. The Best Maker 2023 award was given to Maurits Brock, Jorg Duitsman, Kim Duitsman, and Wiljam van der Put for their creation, Mars-chine, where music and technology create rhythms.

The Innovation Awards, one of the highlights of the Eindhoven Maker Faire, recognize the most innovative and promising makers and products. The prizes, consisting of a cash award and a prestigious Makey Trophy, were made possible through the generous sponsorship of Rabobank and GBO Helmond.

This year, 11 outstanding nominees were evaluated by an expert jury consisting of:

  • Jaques Gramser, Director of GBO Helmond
  • Ella Hueting, Director of Fontys School of Engineering
  • René Kivits, Director of Insurance at Rabobank
  • Bert-Jan Woertman, Director of Mikrocentrum

The nominees represent a wide range of innovative projects and ideas, from technological marvels to creative concepts. 

The winners of the Innovation Awards 2023 are

Best Product 2023: Limosjiene – Lemonade mixing machine for everyone

Maker Jan Enning has won the Best Product Award with the lemonade mixing machine, also known as Limosjiene. This innovative machine allows users to choose from 8 different flavors for their personalized lemonade. Whether you prefer exotic combinations or classic flavors, Limosjiene has it all. The machine is equipped with impressive technology, including a Pico Pi, a custom-made 128-bit shift register, 8 pumps, and much more. All parts are carefully printed on the world’s best 3D printer, the Voron 2.4.

Best Maker 2023: Mars-chine – Creating rhythms with music and technology

The Best Maker Award went to the team behind Mars-chine, namely Maurits Brock, Jorg Duitsman, Kim Duitsman, and Wiljam van der Put. Mars-chine creates rhythms with music and technology. During this activity, participants can experiment with a range of open materials and mechanisms to create unique sound patterns. By adding or removing pins from a motorized pinwheel and placing instruments, participants can generate rhythmic beats and unusual patterns. This open set of materials offers endless possibilities for individuals and groups to collaborate and improvise, creating unique sounds.

The Innovation Awards 2023 of the Eindhoven Maker Faire highlight the boundless creativity and groundbreaking innovations that characterize the Maker movement. These winners represent the future of making and inspire others to embark on their own creative journeys.

The jury was nearly unanimous in awarding these two exceptional creations and creators. “Best Maker has shown a unique combination of making music, making technology, and making something together. It fits perfectly with Eindhoven and the region, as technology seduces you to make music, so you also learn from music and technology. Brilliant!” said enthusiastic jury member Bert-Jan Woertman. “Best Product is a perfect example of the two pillars of the city of Eindhoven: design and technology coming together to create a product where everything has been carefully considered. Limosjiene brings everything together in a product. It is user-friendly, works wonderfully, and is simply outstanding. It can easily be scaled up as a product for the market,” Woertman concluded.