The Maker is a pioneer in knowledge, technology, and material – analog and digital – development and construction, finding solutions to challenges of today and tomorrow.

We provide physical and digital makers, as well as hybrid pioneers, with a platform to showcase themselves at the Eindhoven Maker Faire, engage with the audience and fellow makers, inspire, and share knowledge.

Innovation Award

For our most innovative Makers, there is the Innovation Award as part of the Eindhoven Maker Faire.


This prize consists of a monetary reward and a Makey Trophy. The winners are announced through a public ceremony at the Maker Faire and via press releases, the website, and social media. The award and nominations serve as an international showcase of the makers of the future, with a professional jury recognizing the most innovative and promising maker and product.


There are two cash prizes of 500 euros each:

Best Maker 2023 sponsored by Rabobank

Best Product 2023 sponsored by GBO Helmond


Eleven Makers are nominated in advance and their names are published on the website. The winners are announced at the Eindhoven Maker Faire by the jury.

Winnaar Best Maker 2022: René van der Weerd – Hahaho Makers Lab

The jury

The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 23rd, at 12:00 PM in the City Hall of Eindhoven – Stage Hall of 100.


The jury consists of:

Jaques Gramser – Director of GBO Helmond

Ella Hueting – Director of Fontys School of Engineering

René Kivits – Director of Rabobank Insurance

Bert-Jan Woertman – Director of Mikrocentrum

Nominations Innovation Award 2023

The following makers and products have been nominated: 


574 Brick Art Stories Jordy Koevoets 

596 Humanoid robot… show some emotion! Matthijs Van De Schaft 

606 in/out machine Albert Epping 

607 Algorithmic Art: Make a Single Line Selfie Roland Blok 

634 Spelend leren door fantasierijk hergebruik Ilona Bijsterveld 

639 Junai Nedji Yusufova 

The makers can be found at their booths starting from 10 o’clock at the Maker Faire.


643 Soft Circuits Toolkit Katrien Van Riet

649 Torren van Ko Keever Jack Vreeke

668 Limosjiene Jan Enning

671 Ritmes maken met muziek en techniek Jorg Duitsman en Maurits Brock

679 Wouter’s werkplaats Wouter Klop