Want to reminisce about all the special projects that were on display at this year’s Maker Faire? Or just curious about the Makers and projects that took part in previous editions? Visit our updated Media & Publications page, where you’ll find all the images (and other publications) from this year’s edition and previous editions.


This year the eighth edition of EMF took place, this time in the heart of the city. The main event took place at the Beursgebouw and there were additional workshops at the Heuvel. A great aftermovie has been made and some beautiful pictures were taken. These can be admired on this updated Media & Publications page. In addition, we have added YouTube videos that have been uploaded by visitors or Makers. So you can relive the entire event through their eyes.

For example, watch this Full Tour in Full HD by AmericaEuropeConnection.


The archive contains images of all previous editions, starting from the first (mini) edition that took place in 2014. You can also find publications about the Eindhoven Maker Faire that have appeared in various media, from newspaper articles to blogs. Fun to browse through!

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