Privacy statement survey


This is the privacy policy for the survey of MAD Emergent Art Center. In this privacy policy you can read all about the manner in which your personal information may be collected and handled. Here will be explained where your data is being stored and for what purposes your data will be stored. You will also find all of your legal rights with respect to your personal data and how you can make use of these rights. The privacy policy may be modified by changes to the legislation. It is, therefore, recommended that the declaration is regularly checked.


PAPERJAM’s purpose of doing research for the MAD Emergent Art Centre is to make sure the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2020 is as accessible as possible to people during the COVID-19 crisis. With the results of the survey we want to make sure the Eindhoven Maker Faire meets the needs of the public, in addition to the measures taken by the government, and even more securing the edition of the Maker Faire. The information will not be used for the purpose marketing.


Your first name, last name, and email address are not collected. Entering the survey is anonymous. The data that is collected through this survey is: your age, your gender, your residence and whether or not you are in the at-risk group. The question about you being part of the at-risk group is not compulsory. Compliant to the results an analysis will be written, on which recommendations will be made. The recommendations will be used to set up a safe Maker Faire , where safety measurements will be taken for the public’s safety.



The data which PAPERJAM and MAD Emergent Art Center receives and processes are managed by:



The newsletters are sent with Mailchimp. When you sign up for the newsletter, your e-mail address and first name are automatically saved in the appropriate list within Mailchimp.



The survey was created in EnquêteTools. However, EnquêteTools does not, own the data collected through the survey. This means that they have no legal rights and therefore cannot share the data with third parties.



The survey has been prepared and analyzed by PAPERJAM.


MAD Emergent Art Centre

The data and results of the analysis are shared with the MAD Emergent  Art Centre.


SUMMA College

The data and the results of the analysis are shared with the SUMMA college, this data is not stored.


Storage period

Your data will be stored for a longer period by PAPERJAM and MAD Emergent Art Center, but never longer than is necessary for carrying out activities, unless we are required to keep your data longer due to a statutory regulation. The data will be removed from Survey Tools within a month of the survey closing.



No physical copies are made of your personal data. Your data is only managed in and with the aforementioned data and companies.


The personal data managed by PAPERJAM and MAD Emergent Art Center or aforementioned third parties is only accessible through the above software and is password protected.


The devices that open your data are all locked with a password and/or fingerprint. The number of devices that can access your data is limited to only the necessary devices. In addition, your visit to the survey website is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that your connection to the MAD Emergent Art Center survey is private. You can recognize this protection by the green lock in front of the URL.


Your rights

Right of access

Due to the fact that we do not request an email address or name, we cannot easily find your data between the results. If you tell us what information you have entered, we can remove your answers from the files and fill in the survey again if necessary.


Right to rectification

Is your information not correct or has your data changed? You have the right to have this rectified by MAD Emergent Art Center. You can change your information regarding the newsletter via the appropriate URL at the bottom of each email.


Right to transfer

If you need the data that is open at the MAD Emergent Art Center in case you switch to another party or service, you have the right to transfer. MAD Emergent Art Center must transfer all your data to the other party.


Right to erase data

Do you no longer want your data to be recorded at MAD Emergent Art Center? You have the right to have your data deleted.


Right to file a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you think that MAD Emergent Art Center is not handling your data correctly.


Right to stop data use (objection)

Do you not want MAD Emergent Art Center to use your data? You have the right to stop using your personal data.



MAD Emergent Art Center processes personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, namely to make the Eindhoven Maker Faire as accessible as possible, based on the needs of the visitors. Think of questions about what you would like or dislike being present at the Eindhoven Maker Faire and questions about the workshops at the Eindhoven Maker Faire. Your data will never be sold to third parties.


The information that is required to provide is the minimum information required for the provision of services or products. A data analysis shows how we keep the visitor threshold of the Eindhoven Maker Faire as low as possible. If this mandatory information is not provided, MAD Emergent Art Center may not be able to offer relevant service.


If it is necessary for MAD Emergent Art Center to share data with other parties mentioned above (for example, to offer a service), your permission will be asked first.


MAD Emergent Art Center reserves the right to disclose the data when required by law, or when MAD Emergent Art Center deems it justified to comply with a legal request/process or to protect the rights, and/or protect the property or safety of MAD Emergent Art Center. We always ensure that your right to privacy is respected as much as possible.