The Makers of the Hybrid World:

The last weekend of September, the eighth edition of the Eindhoven Maker Faire will be physically organized. In addition, we organize online activities – such as Make: Projects, webinars and video streams, but the really tangible experience is what makes the Maker Faire so special, so we are very happy with this prospect.

Making together
We give space to a large group of enthusiastic makers who shake off the dust and proudly show their new products, concepts, installations and workshops. What was all conceived and made in the isolated situation? We are very curious!

A broad set-up has been chosen for the visitors to allow everyone to experience, learn and enjoy the burst of creativity that awaits us. A total program will also be active around the venue with catering, terraces and creative activities at local partners.

The theme – The Makers of the hybrid world – is an answer to the challenges that have arisen due to the enormous acceleration of digitization and online communication. Humanity has almost collectively entered the next phase of the internet age. The Makers are pioneers in this world of computers, electronics, programming and digital media.

Making a connection
Because the Makers translate technology into culture, and conversely develop creative concepts with technology, an important connection is created here – which is now badly needed. There are great challenges for the makers to build bridges: between the forerunners and the laggards, between high tech and low tech, between women’s and men’s culture, between young and old, between tradition and innovation.

And now the bridge between the physical world and the virtual world – which we experience as a bit empty and cold, and with a lack of feeling. There is a good chance that great innovations will be born in this crisis situation, because we are good at finding solutions when there is a problem. But of course we are not there only with short-term solutions.

Making it sustainable
What many makers are concerned with is building knowledge and experience to live more sustainably, and to apply and share this knowledge to help new generations to preserve and nurture our planet.

The pandemic has helped us to take a different look at the consumer society, and to see that local producers and distribution are possible, that repair and exchange are very social and sustainable activities, that recreation in your own country is also great, that itself making things and crafting is a super fun and educational experience – which makes us quite happy. The value economy sounds like music to Makers.

Making inclusive
Culture is the first in the picture for the development of new concepts and words in the reality in which we live in 2021. New words, new norms and values, new concepts and rituals – we need to express ourselves, to rediscover our identity and to become familiar with the new. With the wealth of our multicultural breeding ground, we can reap the benefits of diversity and reshape today’s culture.

The roadmap for a better world is ready in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which gives us a complete overview of goals to work on. In order to create a happy world, we will have to work on the problems that stand in the way. Get rid of poverty, hunger, loneliness, low literacy, inequality, racism, war and environmental damage.

Making opportunities
Makers are the possibilities people who always see opportunities and solutions and want to work with them. That energy and that positivism … that is what is so beautiful about the Maker movement: here we see the good things of people coming to the surface, and that gives the citizen courage! By making people develop – as children through falling and rising, and as adults through trial and error. Curiosity is therefore a great quality to find your way around this complex world.

In order to include everyone in the rapid developments and growth of our world, it is necessary to put learning on the agenda as a top priority. Everyone should resolve to keep learning from what you perceive, what you experience by trying and through exchanging knowledge with others. Lifelong learning. Starting early with integrated experiential education is of enormous value. Long live the Maker Education!

Making it fun
At the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2021, makers and visitors will be inspired and challenged by all these dimensions that make making fun:
– Make together
– Make a connection
– Make it sustainable
– Include making
– Create opportunities

The Maker Faire has a place for everyone who is interested and curious: as a visitor or as a maker, we are on the road together to find and share happiness with these goals.

This can be found in all parts of the program, which in addition to the Maker Faire itself also consists of the Crazy Parade, the Hybrid Future Challenge, the Future Makers Factory and the Make: Projects and Meetup platforms.

Makers can register via the Call for Makers, visitors stay informed via social media, website and newsletter. All information and contact can be found on the website