Future Makers Factory | Projects

New solutions for our future are conceived and created by new generations. The future of the world as we know it depends on our adaptability. We must start to live sustainable, seeing the planet and nature as inextricably linked to us.


Architects, artists and designers challenge you to participate in the development of special new solutions and thus offer you the opportunity for a unique experience. Concepts of the Master Makers will be published here. You can now register for more information.


  • work with a team you will compose (2-5 people) and work when you have time
  • together with a artist or professional
  • we offer workspace, materials, knowledge
  • exhibit your project during Eindhoven Maker Faire which will be held on- and offline (15.000 visitors in 2019)
  • a great way to fill your cv and boost your personal development
  • network opportunities


Sign up without obligation by filling in the form below. We will contact you for the follow up.