We are going to tell you about the first selection of makers that we have selected to show their projects at the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2020. To give you a clear vision about this years Maker Faire we will enumerate the first 20 for you. This year you’ll be able to see: Build your BEP, Die Nebelschwingen, Cool 3D-printing & electronics projects, Elektronica Voor Jou, Technika 10 Valkenswaard, e-Nable Nederland, YanBike, Shift4Me, Solar Trike met Solar camping car, Soundscapes, Nerby Derby, Evolving Objects, BYOR, Stichting Junior IOT, Maak je eigen LEDlamp, Floris.cc gaat offline, Technoart, MAKERS4ALL, Microcontrollers games VR & AR. If you want more information about our great makers, click here.


BYOR comes back to build robots together!
Do you ever want to build a robot that really works? With BYOR you’ll work with different sensors, motors, buzzers and lights. Building a robot was never this easy!


Crazy technology with 8 Bits and a Byte
These two enthusiastic technology lovers, create the craziest things. This year they will show their creations, including their Corona Virus Slapper. Let them inspire you!


Live Action Role Play with Die Nebelschwingen
Create your own video game and play with your own characters. That is what Die Nebelschwingen do, in real life. They don’t need a computer or game console and this year you can enjoy this at the Eindhoven Maker Faire. 


Elektronica Voor Jou
This year on the Maker Faire you can visit their electronics store. Elektronica Voor Jou will introduce you to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and 3D printing. If you’re a fan already and you want to get to work, you can get your gadgets here!


Nerby Derby
Building your own race car and see which one’s faster on the racing track. Nerby Derby gives everyone their own workbench and afterwards you can take your race car home. Ready, set… GO!


Sub/liminal soundscapes II
The interactive sound installation shows the high quality materials. While playing with the frequentions, the connections between the real world and the digital world become more clear.